Auteur : : allonzo
Pays : Israel
Date : samedi 8 juin 2013, 14:21
Commentaire :

Is it possible to use this on an iframe that displays viedoa in order to change the click so instead of starting the video it will pop up a modal/lightbox?

I added the plugin code and then:

// Other iframes (wrapped with .iframetrack)
$('.iframetrack iframe').iframeTracker({
blurCallback: function(){
overCallback: function(element){
this._overId = $(element).parents('.iframetrack').attr('id'); // Saving the iframe wrapper id
outCallback: function(element){
this._overId = null; // Reset hover iframe wrapper id
_overId: null

But nothing happens. The video still plays and the alert from my test does not display.

I imagine to stop the video from playing that more needs to be done but at least to get the alert to display to know I am on the right track.

Of course I wrapped the iframe with the iframeTracker class.

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